Todd Samusson music homepage

Songwriter Todd Samusson makes music that's been called folk music, Americana, folk & roll,, and acoustic roots. He calls it alt.folk music.
Based in the people's republic of Portland, Oregon, Todd writes songs that convey big picture issues in small, human stories.


Todd Samusson's CD, "Things Change" is now available online at CDBaby. In addition, you can also find CDs from Todd's previous duo, Samusson & Tomassi. Not only that, but all this music is also available at Apple's iTunes store.Go to either site and search "Samusson".

Todd is currently recording a new album tentatively titled "Shadowman".


Picture of Todd playing a Santa Cruz acoustic guitar.

Imagine yourself
in some nook or cranny of Todd Samusson's brain . . .
There's a funky room with old wooden floors and overstuffed furniture. Bruce Cockburn, John Hiatt and David Crosby are forming a garage band. Lucinda Williams drops in possessed by the ghost of Woody Guthrie and starts reciting poems by Lenore Kandel. In a corner Gary Snyder is mediating a debate between Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey over the origin of the cosmos. Later on, Steve Earle comes by with Greg Brown and they play some Neil Young covers and then a few tunes by The Band while Shawn Colvin and Gillian Welch add harmonies.

But wait - there's more. . .

Eliza Gilkysen shows up with Brewer & Shipley to play some acoustic versions of Springsteen songs. Jack Kerouac scrawls poetry in an old notebook amidst illustrations by John Lennon. Michael Moore is shooting a documentary film of the whole scene. The Dalai Lama sits at the table sipping tea and laughing while he listens to an iPod playing the Jerry Garcia Band doing Bob Dylan covers. Dylan himself is a no-show as usual. But Richard Thompson comes in late with a new Santa Cruz guitar. He starts trading riffs with Mark Knopfler and they call it a draw. Speaking of drawing, Pablo Picasso is doing sketches on the ceiling while M.C. Escher does puzzles in the hall. Abbie Hoffman is dancing by himself to Robert Johnson tunes on the jukebox. Terry Gross is tryin g to interview Van Morrison but he keeps mumbling.

Pretty straightforward, really.