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Recordings by Todd Samusson with the duo SAMUSSON & TOMASS. From1992 to 2007 Todd performed and recorded with singer with Linda Tomassi. Click on highlighted songs to play them (right click to play song in new tab).

Things Change CD cover

Todd Samusson - Things Change

Kindred Spirits • Things Change • You & Me • Nobody Can Take Your Place • Hickory Hill • Change is Gonna Come • On the Right Side of the Brain • Empty Fields • Debt • A Guy Like Me • I Like It When You Smile • Blue Train • Beyond That Blue Horizon

The Barrios of Eden CD cover

Samusson & Tomassi - The Barrios of Eden

The Barrios of Eden • We the People • In the Distance • The Song That Has No Name • These Shoes • Dream Gone Bad • Long Time Walkin' • The Landscape of Surrender • With These Hands • I Don't Know Why • If I Lose My Way • Someday

The Stories of Your Life CD cover

Samusson & Tomassi - The Stories of Your Life

The Stories of Your Life • Love Speaks • Mountain in the Mist • Gravity Rules • The Gambler's Moon • Rumbletown • Without Your Love • Carry Me Over • Nothing Ever Burns • My Father's Hands • Disneyland • Our Town

Cover art for the Samusson and Tomassi album: Field of Vision.

Samusson & Tomassi - Field of Vision

Field of Vision • The House Where I Was Born • Quarter After Three • On the Borderline • Edge of the Empire • Holy War Ben d in the River • Shine a Light • Hot Summer Day in Virginia, 1961 • Family Affair • Hawthorne Boulevard

Cover art for the Samusson & Tomassi album: The Jericho Mine.

Samusson & Tomassi - The Jericho Mine

Wings of Music • The Jericho Mine • Folks 'Round Here • Labor Day • Eyes of Whiskey • The Dying of the Light • When the Walls Come Down • What We Need Wicked • Homecomers' Waltz

Cover art for the Samusson and Tomassi E.E. recording: Against the Sky.

Samusson & Tomassi - Against the Sky

Against the SkyOne Sandwich ShortA Line in the SandC.R.A.B. (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft & Bush) • Only Love Will RemainGunfire in the Holy LandWMDs